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  • Greetings in Jesus'name. I poured transmission fluid into my old car last week. Last night, the transmission failed on the way home, and when I looked, the fluid was dry. I got towed home. I looked this morning, and the fluid was full -- and the piece of rope still attached to the front of the car was not under the car where I left it, but pulled out to the front, as if to be towed again. We had on two new tyres and needed two-- but we just had to buy three instead of two, and a lug nut was turned wrong-- a tyre was taken in the night. Please plead Jesus' blood for my family and me against both demons and demonic people. Thanks.
    - Sep 25 2020
  • DIVINE INTERVENTION from THE TRINITY; 'n my personal, present, pressing, private, professional, public: affairs, life, world; from Fri. 9/25/20 thru Sat. 9/25/2100;
    dena-antoinette chisholm - Sep 25 2020
  • Dear all. I have been in stress for several weeks due to loss of an electronic document ( a form of a password) which gives me access to my online account with a substancial amount of funds. If I can not not access my account by 30th September I will have lost everything. Please pray with me that God can work a miracle to save my funds. I have promised God to offer 10% of the total funds as my thanks.
    James James - Sep 24 2020
  • I restarted online teaching this week. My laptop functioned last school year for classes, with the only problem being internet inconsistency. Now the laptop is malfunctioning, and my less capable cheap smart phone is half doing the job, but much of what needs to be done needs this laptop running. Please pray. Please also pray for the students without devices or internet connections. Thanks.
    - Sep 22 2020
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic forces for S and LT. "The prince of this world cometh," Jesus said, and that creature is attacking us. But Jesus added, "and hath nothing in Me," so join us in prayer for victory in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Sep 21 2020
  • Please pray for my laptop. I teach Spanish. As online school is restarting, it seems to be starting acting up. Please plead Jesus' blood to rebuke the enemy. Thanks.
    - Sep 21 2020
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. My elderly mother is fairly healthy for her age, but not excellently so. She has hypertension from stress but no diabetes (mostly vegan diet --- occasionally fish). Today she suddenly got really weak and fatigued for no apparent reason. She drank a punch with nuts & whole grains ("Mega Punch"-- it says it is for men due to zinc from pumpkin seeds, but it is good for everyone), with added cayenne pepper & garlic& a little salt and a little sugar and molasses, as cayenne should balance both high and low pressure & garlic with salt should do the same, besides their all killing germs. We prayed, too, & she is napping. We are miles away from town, and it is Sunday, so if we have to rush for medical help, it will be difficult. Please pray with us. Thanks.
    - Sep 20 2020
  • Whether pastors, elders, leaders, or members, in local churches and conferences and unions and divisions and GC:- Plead Jesus' blood against satanic forces for the salvation of Jesuits who are in God's church to do Satan's work. Pray they will be saved or removed from messing up God's people and God's work, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Sep 20 2020
  • Good afternoon pastor, please help me pray to God to reverse every evil attack against my life, destiny and future back to the sender in Jesus name, i see these man called Danjuma fwenji attacking me in the night. i see him praying evil prayers trying to cripple and palarise my spirit. pray to God that every attack against me be reversed back to the sender in Jesus name. pray for the anointing of God be upon my spirit. secondly am seeking for a job here in nigeria, pray that i will be favoured. thank you.
    pirfa kumbin - Sep 18 2020
  • Shalom. I ask that you please pray for my relationship. My girlfriend, Tiffany Concepcion broke up with me due to my insecurities. The most high showed me signs That she was loyal to me every time I asked for a sign, but I still ignored them. I’m suffering a lost for not trusting the most high nor her. Please pray that she gives me one more chance. Also, please pray for us both to continue strengthening our faith in Yah and baptize together this year of 2020. Thank you!
    David Jeanbaptiste - Sep 17 2020
  • I am assuming that I am supposed to excel like I used to do, and supposed to get things done right, and supposed to be helping in this way and that way. If God sees that I am just supposed to be messing up forever and supposed to be blamed for everything all the time, and supposed to be as ineffective as possible and supposed to fail at all I do, pray for me to accept His will. I am worn out. Thanks for praying.
    - Sep 11 2020
  • Please pray for all Jesuits in the Remnant to be delivered from satanic control, urgently, by Jesus' blood (look up "Secret Terrorists pdf free"). Pray that any who doesn't want salvation will be neutralised and prevented from interfering with God's people and God's work, in Jesus'name. Thanks.
    - Sep 05 2020
  • I have health issues for years that include frequent respiratory symptoms. I expressed concern about symptoms when our work started going back to the workplace after working from home. I had specific precautions in mind to prevent panic or quarantines should my symptoms appear, but was told to stay home and continue working from home and not come in. My supervisor then tried to use this against me, to seem like I am trying to get out of doing my work. God got the supervisor out instead of me, and I thank Him and those who prayed for me. I am no longer made to feel like I am banned from the workplace. God bless you as you continue praying --- people present are being influenced by this now absent person, and I need to very obviously be doing my work well. Thanks.
    - Sep 03 2020
  • We are in distress searching for a book of NIS (like Social Security) pension cheques. It is urgent. Thanks for praying.
    - Sep 02 2020
  • I have to go back out to work and leave my elderly mother at home. She is under demonic attacks from all angles, including devilish gangster neighbours. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Sep 01 2020
  • I used to excel above everyone. I am now in a state where the enemy is blocking me from doing just about everything, and messing up my work, making it look like I like mediocrity, which I absolutely detest. Please pray for God to work miracles to enable me to do *excellent* work *consistently* again. Thanks.
    - Sep 01 2020
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic assaults on God's people in the Remnant spreading the Everlasting Gospel. Pray for those letting Satan use them either to be urgently converted or urgently removed from preventing God's work. Thanks.
    - Sep 01 2020
  • Someone who was a "mole" in our organization lost the position after I prevented this person from getting the company closed down. This person has other "moles" trying to get me to lose my job. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Sep 01 2020
  • Please pray -- the enemy got upset at our earlier fasting and prayer, and there was shortly after a minor crash that will cost too much money for such a scratch, and the other party whose impatience caused the problem took my reference to impatience killing people [as in crashes] on the road as a *death threat*. Thanks.
    - Sep 01 2020
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic forces for urgent deliverance for all Jesuits in the Remnant who have been trying to turn it into a daughter of Babylon, so they will be converted. Pray that all who refuse to stop trying to make God's Church join Babylon will be urgently be removed. Thanks.
    - Aug 29 2020
  • Please pray for protection from brethren whose "faith" necessitates endangering others, unaware that "faith without works is dead" from covid-19. Thanks.
    - Aug 26 2020
  • Please pray for Jamaica-- elections due next February were called now, and covid-19 cases are already increasing after holiday parties in early August. More increases are expected from campaigning and Election Day. Thanks.
    - Aug 25 2020

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