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  • I am asking for prayer for my daughter. Her husband died this morning. She needs spiritual strength, comfort, wisdom, and financial help at this time. Thank you
    Beverley Stout - May 14 2019
  • Pray for the evil, jealous and arrogant cowardly black bully Anthony Sampson to stop illegally harassing his innocent male roommate's with his annoying bullying misbehavior's such as banging down their door's. Pray for Anthony Sampson to accept the fact that none of his male roommate's or men are afraid of him like he wants where he resides in Spring Valley, California in Jesus name Amen.
    Hector Lakes - May 12 2019
  • I left where I was performing well to get less pay where I could minister. My performance is now horrible, and my health the worst it has ever been. I am under demonic assault 24x7s, and it is killing me. I have nobody but my mom, and loved ones keep attacking her, literally killing her. When she cries out from their stabs, she is blamed and then stabbed some more. We are financial distress, eacy with health issueS. Now my new cheap phone says no SIM for no apparent reason. Please plead Jesus' blood for us. Thanks.
    - May 12 2019
  • For a few hours our house has some chemical fumes, which irritate noses and cause headaches. Please pray. Thanks.
    - May 11 2019
  • Happy Sabbath. Someone just tried to firebomb our house. We still smell smoke. Please pray for continued Divine protection. Please pray for fresh, clean, oxygen-rich air, with no poisons, smoke, fumes, or harmful drugs. Thanks.
    - May 11 2019