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  • Please pray for an elderly sister who is battle-worn, abused, slandered, persecuted, depressed, and suicidal. Thanks.
    - Jul 05 2020
  • Thanks for joining me in prayer about some health issues and some urgent overdue work, as well as relationship issues. God bless you.
    - Jun 30 2020
  • Please pray for the removal, by Jesus' blood, of all demonic blockages preventing me from getting work done. I keep having work undone, sometimes getting x alone done and y & z undone, and being just UNable to do so much that should be [& used to be] easy, not only what should be hard. It is my new normal, and I am tired of it -- I am worn out. I am being depended on, and am unable to do all that I should do. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Jun 28 2020
  • Teenagers T & T, siblings, are ill -- the older one was ill for years with a painful bone condition needing surgery, and now the younger one has been having panic attacks and even seems to be becoming psychotic. Please plead Jesus' blood for the family. Thanks.
    - Jun 23 2020
  • Whether by human or demonic means, a cat(s) is in our ceiling making noise this Sabbath night -- we don't have any pets at all right now. Periodically some noise suddenly comes in the roof (night, not day), and is prayed away, and returns. It often comes directly overhead, often on Sabbath or at worship time or at bedtime. The exact sound now is a little different. Please plead Jesus' blood on our behalf. Thanks.
    - Jun 19 2020
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I am being depended on more & more, and my ability seems to be less & less. My physical & mental energy, memory, organization, and clarity are decreasing. I need healing urgently in order to help very many who need me. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Jun 17 2020
  • Please plead Jesus' blood on behalf of a toddler whose parents happily invited a demon ("imaginary friend") to follow her from their old house to their new house when the child cried for her friend "Kev," whom she enjoys so much, to come there, too -- her cousins used to play with him, too. The parents don't want to hear from anyone who says it is a demon, since the child enjoys him so much. Things like this will become more &mroe common. We must be ready.
    - Jun 08 2020
  • The Form 5 & Upper Form 6 students in all schools in Jamaica (Grades 11 &13) who have exams coming up (CXC-CSEC, like SAT-II, and CXC-CAPE, somewhat like AP exams) return to school this week with masks and extra sanitisation and temperature checks & physical distancing (social distancing would include no talking, social media, etc. --it is a misnomer), etc., as many students have been at a great disadvantage with online access issues. Exams are between July & August. Our school has teachers back at school only on days when having class with the senior students... ... I have Form 5 Tuesdays and Thursdays. I always have respiratory issues, and brought up my concerns at the online Staff Meeting. I have to do the Form 5 classes from home, since if I am there and my normal symptoms start, it will likely lead to panic and quarantines for everyone. .. I was going to have them stay in the computer lab while I prayerfully work from home (with internet headaches -- please pray), but there is a problem with the computer lab, and God knows how class will go. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Jun 08 2020
  • Please pray for us, an elderly mother and middle-aged daughter. For years now, neighbours steal from our home & yard, and put their animals to eat anything that we plant, and we are worn out now. Please plead with us the Malachi promise to rebuke the devourer, as we return tithes & offerings. Thanks.
    - Jun 07 2020
  • Happy Sabbath. Please pray for me to be given the opportunity to present the First Angel's Message to a group in the coming week who do not believe in the 1844 message. Pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance and provision and miraculous waymaking. Thanks.
    - Jun 06 2020
  • Please pray for healing from a list of complaints. I have always been sickly, but seem to be much worse in recent years, as I am being depended on more and more. Work that I must do keeps getting partially done or staying undone, and I need miracles. Thanks for praying.
    - Jun 05 2020

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Start: 09:00 PM, 07/10/2020

End: 08:59 PM, 07/11/2020