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  • Please pray for my father Kiro who had a stroke on Friday. He is in the ICU, not able to move, speak or eat. We are heartbroken and scared, but we know God is the best healer. Amen
    Vlado A - May 24 2020
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray about my health -- brain, back*, my whole body [many issues]-- and about my work.[*I had a long list already, and was already hampered in my work, then after a nap Sabbath afternoon, suddenly I have crippling back pain.] I need to catch up on many tasks, and some seem to get partway done and others seem to stay stuck. Please plead Jesus' blood for me. Also, the 25th is payday, but we may not get our pay, or are likely to get only a part, due to the covid-19 economic shutdown. Please pray. Thanks.
    - May 24 2020
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against demonic forces to block the witchcraft of --, etc., and to cancel all their evil deeds, and to stop them from messing with God's people and God's work and ministry, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - May 21 2020
  • To get the simplest task done, I am banging my head against a stone wall with jagged edges, and after being battered, bleeding, and bruised, *maybe* I will have 10% or 20% done of what I needed to get done. Maybe the internet and the computer and the other work tools or my own mental / physical energy will all quarter-work, or maybe nothing will get done at all. I am worn out. I am having hand-to-hand combat with demons. It has been going on for a while before the work-from-home with covid-19. Please plead Jesus' blood for me. Thanks.
    - May 20 2020
  • Ray is like Roger Morneau (writer of "A Trip Into the Supernatural" & "Incredible___ Prayer" series of books), who sold himself to devil worship. Please plead Jesus' blood for Ray's deliverance, just as God delivered Morneau in answer to prayer and had him doing decades of prayer ministry. Thanks.
    - May 19 2020
  • AGAIN I have login issues to do my work, which is otherwise behind, STILL. I am weary adn weak and worn OUT. Please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic forces on my behalf. Thanks.
    - May 18 2020
  • Lovie has rejected Bible truth, and refused salvation, as the Bible teachings don't "sit well with" her. Please pray for God to trouble her conscience until she either makes the decision for salvation, or has gone too far. Please plead Jesus' blood for her deliverance and for deliverance for her family. Thanks.
    - May 15 2020
  • Hello thank you Doing bankruptcy after court case if you can pray for the lawyers 2 court cases to do things fast and well and this be finished soon for GOD to avenge me of the utter injustice I went through Just started new business please pray for God to give me success goal is 2000 dollars a day Mom radiation for skin cancer healing dad s health his contracts to continue My brother bipolar healing with natural remedies for their salvation For me to get along with people and with Jesus success in music girlfriend Nobody works for metal people many of them are sincere honest, they have a lot of integrity bands like sotrilege satan jockers they are nice people often better than church people if you could pray for heavy metal musicians fans all over the world nobody works for them and unless divine love comes to the rescue they would be lost forever thank you Suscribe youtube channel COURT CASE EXPLANATION Case one a lady worked 3 hours with quit tried to stel my money brought it back 3 weeks later with 3 guys in front of my house She trespassed came into my house Judge says I need to give her 6 month salary and for trying to get my money back need to give her 6000Euros total 150000 Euros I have never seen such injustice So I have to do bankruptcy as I have no money to pay CASE NUMBER 2 in USA a man answered an add we met in fort lauderdale I wanted to hire people for a business he took the papers I had in my hands refused to give them back I pushed him and he punched me very hard And pressed charges I can t believe someone would try to steal and have the nerve to bring to court such injustice in this world is going too far
    phil phil - May 05 2020
  • Please join me in praying for all the Jesuits in the SDA Church-- including from all local churches, Conferences, Unions, worldwide Divisions, and GC, for God to rescue them from Satan by Jesus' blood, urgently, or to remove them, urgently, to stop them from messing with His work and his people, in Jesus' name. Thanks. ["Secret Terrorists pdf" & "Jesuit Oath" searches can help if unaware.]
    - May 03 2020

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Start: 08:52 PM, 05/29/2020

End: 08:53 PM, 05/30/2020