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  • D has a last chance to do the right thing. Please pray that he will do what he should do, and not let Satan mess him up anymore, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Aug 20 2019
  • Please pray that all demon worshippers in ACSMD who do not wish to be delivered will be removed, NOW, along with their false gods, by Jesus' blood, in Jesus' name. Pray for deliverance for God's people in ACSMD from the witchcraft and sorcery of these demoniacs, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Aug 10 2019
  • Please fast and pray, and plead Jesus' blood against all satanic forces, for Jesuits (search online for "Secret Terrorists pdf" and see The Great Controversy -- available for free download online, too) to be removed from every SDA Conference, hospital, school, and organization, worldwide, and for the Latter Rain of the Holy Spirit to be poured out on God's people worldwide. Thanks.
    - Aug 06 2019
  • Anything that the middle management enforces to improve the organization, lower personnel go to the top managers, who will always cancel it. Please pray for the top to be removed and replaced with persons who want the organization to improve, not just keep the horrible status quo. Please plead Jesus' blood, as we are having a severe fight. Thanks.
    - Aug 06 2019
  • We decided not to pay a bribe, and thus ended up "illegal." Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for us. Thanks.
    - Jul 28 2019

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